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I've been served divorce papers - what happens now?


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We talk with both men and women facing divorce daily and the catastrophic emotions they are experiencing. But there is one common thread—they all feel overwhelmed! The thought of so many changes happening so fast could make anyone want to stick their head in the sand and hide. This is the case whether you’ve just been told your partner has “found someone new” or you’ve decided to divorce as you’ve simply grown apart. Either way, the impact on your life is tremendous, which makes it difficult to know where to even begin!

Thoughts and fears will be pulsing through your brain…

  1. How should I respond to this action?
  2. Do I need legal advice now, where do I start, who do I call?
  3. My children - how will they be affected - how do I tell them it’s going to be ok?
  4. Custody battles - can my partner stop me from seeing them - will I miss out on them growing up!
  5. Finances – what about my pension, savings, assets?
  6. Where will I live, how will I afford a new place?  
  7. What about me - will I lose everything I have - how do I protect myself now!
  8. Loss of personal confidence, identity, family and friends?
  9. How will I cope, who’s there to support me?

These thoughts are normal and at times can seem very frightening, fortunately we’re here to help and support you through this very difficult time!

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